Do all your soaps weigh the same? No.  All of our soaps are handmade and hand cut so weights will vary a little.  Some are a little more than the listed weight, some are a little less. Handmade soap will also continue to lose weight over time due to water evaporation.  This makes for a harder, longer lasting bar of soap.

Will you be adding more products to your store? Yes, we will add new soap monthly.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we are having a new release.  We will also be adding additional products to our line as we research and develop them.  

How do I use my handmade soap? You use it just as you would any commercial bar of soap.  Store it on a soap dish or wire shelf so it can completely dry out between uses.  Don't leave it in standing water or your soap will become soft and mushy.

Do you ship internationally? No, not at this time.  Sorry about that.

Are your soaps Vegan?  We do have a couple vegan soaps.  Each listing has its ingredients listed for you to see so be sure to read the ingredients.

I am allergic to _______. Are you soaps safe for me? Please contact us with your allergy concerns so we can be sure you are getting a product that is safe for you.

I don't like the scent I bought.  Can I return it? Since soap is a personal item we don't take any returns.  We do our best to describe our fragrances but scent is pretty subjective.  If there is something in particular you don't like, you can always message us to see if any of those notes are present in the scent you want to purchase.

When will you be listing new soap for sale?  We will list new soaps for sale every month.