About Us

Hi... I'm Ali and welcome to The Screaming Goat Soap Company!  This is where you get to learn about us (Ali and Jeff) and how The Screaming Goat Soap Company came to be.

In 2014, with a desire to live a more sustainable life and have plenty of space for our growing kids, my husband Jeff and I decided it was time to fulfill our dream of living on a farm.  We found a beautiful 7 1/2 acre property with an organic cherry orchard on it an hour north of where we lived.  We sold our house in the city, packed up our three kids, and moved to our new farm in February 2015.  We jumped into farming life with both feet by  purchasing our first Nigerian Dwarf Goats to provide milk for us, a pair of pigs to raise for meat, and learning how to care for our orchard and bring it back to life,

With a growing desire to provide more homemade items for our family, I took a soap making class at my friends  homestead in the fall of 2017.  In love with the idea that I could turn our delicious, creamy goats milk into soap that was not only moisturizing but also nourishing for our skin while being free of detergents and chemicals, I immediately went home and purchased everything I needed to make my first batch of cold process goats milk soap.  It came out beautifully and I was hooked!  

Not only did I love it but I wanted to learn more.  I scoured the internet and read everything I could find and watched hours and hours of videos on all things soap. And through it all, I practiced.  And practiced.  And practiced.  Until I had a product I felt not only comfortable selling but proud to sell.

In the spring of 2019 we began selling our soap in our U-pick orchard during cherry season and at a local farm stand owned by friends.  After getting good feed back on our soap, we launched The Screaming Goat Soap Company in the fall of 2019 and as they say, the rest is history!  As we continue our research and development, look for new products to be added to our line in 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and most of all, thank you for supporting our small business. We know you have a choice on the products you buy for yourself and your family and we are humbled and beyond grateful that you chose ours.