Room & Linen Spray

The Screaming Goat Soap Company

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Our room & linen sprays are great for refreshing a room, linens, or carpet! Choose your scent from the drop down menu. 

This listing is for one 4 oz spray bottle. 

Scent Options:

Fresh Linen - notes of lime, lemon, and bergamot mingle with rose, lily of the valley, and jasmine and a dry down of amber and musk.

Lavender Apples & Oak - a smooth mix of apples with a light woodsy touch of oak, and soft lavender.

Lavender Lemon - lavender and fresh squeezed lemons

Directions: Spray on drapes, sofas, carpet, or linens approximately 8-10 inches from surface. *Always perform a spot test before spraying on any surface to check for staining.

Ingredients: Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance